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The power of social media marketing is growing exponentially, meaning your business’s presence on these channels is now one of the key ways to reach both existing and potential customers. But branding can be difficult without a dedicated social strategy in place, as it’s easy for the voice of someone else or something that doesn’t reflect you at all to take over.

The key to success on social media is having a clear, well thought out strategy. Our success in this field has been attributed to our deep understanding of consumer behaviour and how best to turn that knowledge into a compelling strategy for brands looking for maximum impact with minimum cost.

With so many channels and platforms, it can be hard deciding where your brand should focus its efforts. That’s why we get up close and personal with your target audience in order to guide you towards developing an effective social strategy that will drive engagement on the right platform for maximum impact.

Our team will help you build relationships through strategic campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin so that when people see your brand online you stand out and become instantly recognisable. 

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It’s better to do one channel well than to do three channels infrequently. Where your customers hang out is the right channel to focus on. Start with one, build out.

We use an inexpensive tool called Buffer to schedule posts a month in advance. There are other tools too, we can help you find the one that works best for you.

A mixture of content works well on social media. don’t make it all about you, share other people’s posts, engage with your followers. Pictures, Video, Infographics all work well on Social.

Yes. We run campaigns for our clients on Facebook and LinkedIn. Social Advertising is where we use our analytics to constantly tweak and change the content in response to events, trends and performance.

No. A Content Strategy includes social media but also includes your website and other channels such as email.

Back in the days before Social, it was common for fashion designers to loan their designs to celebrities in the hope that people would notice. It didn’t work then and it doesn’t work now. Be authentic and original and people will notice.

By posting interesting content regularly and engaging with your existing followers. Engagement matters far more than numbers of followers.

If it’s done well, social media marketing can be very effective indeed. It needs to be structured and to have an overarching plan. Social Media is not an end in itself, your business is the end game. If your social content doesn’t help your business then its of little use.



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