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Pay per Click Advertising is the quickest way to get traffic to your website.

Pay per Click Advertising
Pay per Click Advertising

The most cost effective way to generate a high volume of traffic quickly is Pay per click Advertising (PPC). Combined with Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) it is a very efficient way of driving sales.

It’s also an affordable option that can be tailored to suit most budgets. If you’re looking for a new way to drive revenue and increase brand awareness, then pay-per-click advertising could be the answer!

The Fastest Way to Generate Traffic…


PPC is very effective when it its done well. The key to successful PPC is understanding your audience. Keywords that resonate are an essential component of a successful PPC Campaign.

You can spend as much or as little as you like on PPC. We help you define an appropriate budget by cost-benefit analysis. How much is each transaction worth to you and how many transactions do you need to break even? One of the benefits of PPC Advertising is the control you have over your budget.

Facebook have a different audience to Google. Facebook advertising is excellent for B2C advertising because of the way people behave there. Sharing, Liking, Commenting all help to extend the reach of a campaign. Google advertising is geared towards search and benefits from the intent behind the search. eg. “Bicycle shop near me” implies intent to buy or repair a bicycle. The keyword analysis is much more important in Google Search.

PPC is a very effective way of driving large volumes of traffic to your sales pages. It is different to SEO in that it takes effect immediately and ceases when the advertising stops.

CRO is based on data. By observing the way people interact with your advertisement or page over time, we can see what the obstacles to conversion are. Not every visitor will convert, that would be voodoo, but we can increase the percentage of conversions by making it easy for visitors to commit.

CRO is not restricted to PPC. You may have a landing page that is underperforming or a neglected CTA on your website. CRO is about removing the barriers to conversion. With our tooling we can see exactly how your visitors interact with your pages.

Yes. Conversion Rate Optimisation is an integral part of a properly run PPC campaign. There are two phases in a PPC Campaign – Setting up the Campaign and Optimising it while it is running. CRO is included in the price of our PPC offerings.

We can discover the Keywords your competitors use in their pay per click advertising. However this is only one part of devising a successful campaign.



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