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SEO Training for Marketers

Marketing Graduates are arriving into the jobs market unskilled as the pace of technology leaves Universities behind. This is not a new phenomenon, the problems faced by Universities in keeping up with technology are legendary and at least partially budget related.

With the recent acceleration of Artificial Intelligence in the Digital Marketing arena, a skills gap is emerging that is holding businesses back as it becomes increasingly clear that theory without data doesn’t deliver value.

Our SEO Training focuses on the most advanced tools that will help the best graduates turn theory into practice.

We have extensive experience of training technology and technique in business and a deep understanding of how marketers can drive the newest technology to get better returns on investment, quickly. We train the tools we use in our own business.

We provide on site, on the job SEO training and mentoring for marketers and have an excellent track record in bringing people up to speed fast, getting great results using modern technology with real campaigns.

If your marketing team is not on board the Data Driven train, get in touch and discuss your requirements, we can provide customised training including all of the traditional marketing assets such as Google Search Console and Analytics as well as some of the worlds leading data driven brands including Jarvis, Surfer SEO and SpyFU.

SEO Training for Marketers


Yes we do. We demonstrate how to use free and paid software to find useful keywords for both SEO and PPC. More than that, we demonstrate how to balances search volume with a realistic assessment of the likelihood of any given keyword ranking for your site.

Domain Authority is a score assigned by Search Engines and Analytics Software to a website based on the volume and quality of content, existing rankings and length of time the site has been visible. DA is called different things by different vendors but it amounts to the same thing. If you compete with a site with higher DA for the same keyword and similar content, the site wit the higher DA will get the ranking. Choose your battles carefully.

We are certified in Adwords and Analytics and provide customised training in these techniques.

Yes and No! Our SEO training is customised around your needs. Each course is different as the needs of Retail for example are different to those of Manufacturing. Often it’s the same tools but with a different emphasis. We can do this offsite, but we work with one client at a time.

Yes, we are happy to contribute to marketing events, give us a call!

This is a very quickly moving landscape. We can advise you on software and in some cases offer a discount or access to time limited trials but we are not resellers. We use our own software to demonstrate and we always use the best software for the job.

Credible Certification requires standardised syllabuses for courses and validation from an external body. Any certificate that doesn’t meet this criteria is worthless. We only offer customised courses because we can deliver better value by focusing on your actual requirements.

Black Hat SEO involves tricks and strategies to fool Google into delivering high rankings for your site. Although new techniques emerge, Google’s algorithms spot them very quickly and impose penalties on domains that use them. As Google themselves once said – “Don’t be Evil”.

A fast track to understanding what technology brings to Digital Marketing and the ability to turn theory into effective and productive practise. By that we mean:

  • Analyse your competitors
  • Create a coherent, sustainable content strategy that will increase your sites DA
  • Choose competitive keywords for content
  • Write compelling, high converting copy
  • Optimise your content to rank higher in search
  • Create an outreach strategy for back links

It depends on the structure of the training but our costs are based on a figure of £800 per day + expenses.



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