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If we learned one thing in 2021 it is that traditional sales techniques are dead in the water. It is the organisations using digital technology and a digital approach to marketing that will thrive in the post pandemic landscape. Our focus is on helping our clients succeed.

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Three ways. Use social media to drive traffic to your website. Use SEO to increase your visibility in Search and use PPC to bring content and offers to the attention of your audience.

We manage ads on Google, Facebook and Linkedin for a number of clients. You set the budget, our job is to get the best return for your money. We use advertising to increase the awareness of your product or brand, enabling you to be considered as an option in the marketplace. We also devise detailed campaigns around remarketing, targeted at website visitors and even abandoned shopping baskets.

We have been building websites for more than 25 years. We built one of the first e-commerce sites in the UK. We are a Shopify partner and use Kadence themes to create lightning fast, modern website designs.

We have been working with WordPress for more than 10 years. We also work with Moodle, Shopify, Wix and Squarespace.

We partner with independent infrastructure and hosting companies where we manage the sites we host. We match our customer’s requirements to the best possible technology using servers local to the client’s geography and expected volume of traffic. We recommend Siteground (EU), Namehero (US) and Brixly (UK).

Yes. To speed up existing websites we use a variety of techniques from image optimisation, caching and CDNs to script and stylesheet optimisation reducing the amount of processing your server and your viewer’s browser have to do.

We work with specialist graphic designers to produce brand and UX assets. These elements are then used to create your websites and brochures and to brand your social media presence.

Grow your list by creating compelling content that your viewers want to read. The days of high level marketing fluff are numbered. Your readers and search engines expect compelling, original content that is useful to your audience.

We launched Helter Skelter after 14 years in the corporate sector with IBM where we worked with clients like the BBC, BSkyB, Orange and WPP. At Helter Skelter we work with technology companies, creatives and independent retailers. We currently manage fourteen websites, five ad accounts and provide video and photography for a further ten clients.

We have migrated dozens of websites to better hosts. Hosting is a volatile industry and it is not uncommon for good hosts to turn bad. We favour independent hosting companies who are passionate about hosting, customer focused, use great technology and provide consistently good support.

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Photography, SEO, Social Advertising
SEO, Website Hosting, Google Ads, Video
Website Hosting, SEO, Google Ads, Photography
Website Hosting, Web Design, SEO

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