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Our web development team will help you achieve the perfect WordPress website that will attract traffic and generate leads and sales.

Whether it’s an ecommerce site, a brochure or just a blog, we design for growth. Plus, our SEO services are included in every package, driving traffic from day one.

We want to make sure that when people come across your website they can find what they need quickly and easily. That’s why we offer SEO services with every package – so you can be found by customers near and far! And if you ever need any help along the way, our team is always available to answer questions and provide guidance.

Web development is complex and that is why the look and feel of every page of your site is designed before we start working with WordPress. We use a tool called Figma in a collaborative process to create wireframe designs and once you are happy with those, to flesh out the design with graphics. Completed and signed off, the prototype is handed over to our developers to turn into your website.

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The cost varies from £500 for a simple single page layout to around £1000 for a simple brochure site. Larger sites with complex content start at around £1500. Every site we build is costed prior to contract. The agreed price is the final price, unless the brief changes.

It can take as little as a week and as long as several months. We have a process that divides the project into essential tasks. If the brief is clear and the website small then a couple of weeks is usually enough to get the site up and running

All of the Sites we host are backed up daily. All testing is done in a separate environment. In the unlikely event of a site crashing it can be restored in minutes.

We will notify Google that the site has gone live by submitting a sitemap. It can take several days for the sitemap to be analysed and the pages indexed. Rankings for individual pages are likely to be volatile in the first few weeks as Google adds pages to the index.

Yes. We have vast experience of creating video for websites and social media. Not many companies can boast of an RTS Winning Television producer on the payroll! We will use cutting edge CDN technology to make sure the video stream is as fast as YouTube – without the Ads!

Yes, we are Shopify Partners and can create you a commerce website from scratch or integrate it into an existing website

We can provide training so that you and your staff can update the site.

We provide every site with a reliable security plugin. Additionally our hosting environment is equipped with Malware detection and Anti Hacking software that prevents hackers from getting access to the site via nefarious means.

All pages will be optimised for SEO. This involves targeting specific keywords for each page. We use sophisticated analytics to determine which keywords are the most likely to rank and we build your content using artificial intelligence to create search friendly pages.

If you have a logo then we’ll need to have the original files supplied by the designer. Most people use stock photography on their websites. We recommend using a blend of stock and original photography from our archives. It will be slightly more expensive, but we can guarantee that your competitors won’t be using the same images!



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